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Peter Doocy Tries To Blame Biden For Supply Chain Problems, But Jen Psaki Makes Sure He Fails

 Q    Thank you.  First, on the economy: There are a half a million containers floating off the California coast with nowhere to go, major issues in the global supply chain right now.  The Vice President warned that this could happen in August.  So, why wasn’t more done to prepare? MS. PSAKI:  For the global supply chain issues? Q    Yeah, she was talking in August about, “If you want to have your Christmas toys for your children, now might be the time to start buying them because the delays could be many, many months.” MS. PSAKI:  I asked that because we’ve been talking about the issues in the global supply chain since January.  And the President has not only put in place a task force, but we have taken a range of steps to work to address.  Now, it’s not just about ensuring that we are having different companies speak to each other; we’ve certainly done that.  We’ve been a forum for hosting different industry leaders to see what we can — what we can reduce, in terms of red tape in

Peter Doocy: Biden is mandating all Americans to get vaccinated but not illegal immigrants at the southern border.

  Jen Psaki refused to answer the question on Friday posed by Peter Doocy about WHY it is that the Biden administration is putting more constraints and requirements on small businesses than on people streaming across America’s southern border. Psaki, like any run of the mill democrat or journalist, thinks this is a dumb question because they don’t care about the people streaming across the border being vaccinated. They don’t care about anyone bringing crime or terror to America, why would they care about anyone bringing Covid, right? It’s more than that, though, they simply don’t consider it legitimate to even ask. They sneer at the very question because obviously anyone asking about PROBLEMS with refugees, illegals, or asylum seekers must by definition be racist and, ipso facto, someone to mock and dismiss. Which is what Psaki does here, with the usual utter compliance and complicity of the rest of the press corps. "Our objective is to get as many people vaccinated as humanly

Kamala Harris tells Peter Doocy: “I am not a Democratic socialist” - in NH-asked about having to move to the left to compete with Bernie Sanders