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President Trump lost the shutdown and Nancy Pelosi won

I think it’s insane that people are pretending all those polls hitting Trump for the shutdown are fake, BUT, I did not realize that it was also hitting Nancy Pelosi too. IN fact, in this recent poll she got the worst net approval rating for the politicians polled: More NBC/WSJ poll: Pelosi’s negatives shot up during government shutdown more than any pol // now the most unpopular politician tested in the survey.  See Also:  Judge Jeanine: Trump tries to make decisions that are best for you and me (CNN) First things first:  The theme song of the week is The Tonight Show theme song by Rickey Minor. Poll of the week:  An ABC News/Washington Post poll finds that only 37% of Americans approve of the job President Donald Trump is doing. A significantly higher 58% disapprove. This makes for a net approval rating of -21 points. The previous ABC/Washington Post poll put Trump's net approval rating at -13 points, so his net approval rating fell by 8 points. What's th