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Sen. Mitt Romney joins Democrats' criticism of Trump's Roger Stone commutation

Democrats and Sen. Romney denounced the Stone commutation. But permitting an elderly non-violent offender to avoid incarceration in the middle of a deadly viral pandemic is hardly a miscarriage of justice. Unprecedented, historic corruption: an American president commutes the sentence of a person convicted by a jury of lying to shield that very president. — Mitt Romney (@MittRomney) July 11, 2020 We wish the Justice Department and President Trump had done more to commute sentences during this time, when tens of thousands of state and federal inmates have been infected with COVID and hundreds have died. Prison terms aren’t supposed to be a death sentence, even for your political opponents. Do RINO’S Pat Toomey & Mitt Romney have any problem with the fact that we caught Obama, Biden, & Company illegally spying on my campaign? Do they care if Comey, McCabe, Page & her lover, Peter S, the whole group, ran rampant, wild & unchecked - lying & leaking all t

Robert Mueller’s team denies leaking Roger Stone indictment to CNN

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team on Friday denied allegations from former Trump adviser Roger Stone that his indictment was leaked to CNN before it was unsealed last month. “The Special Counsel’s Office is aware of no information indicating that reporters were given any advance knowledge of a possible indictment from the Special Counsel’s office,” the filing states. See also:   Dianne Feinstein reaction is why young people desperately want new leadership in Congress Stone’s legal team had filed a motion in federal court claiming his indictment had been leaked after CNN was the only network to stake out Stone's Fort Lauderdale home when he was arrested before dawn last month. CNN later aired video of the arrest that showed a team of FBI agents with guns banging on Stone’s door and demanding that he come outside. SO after weeks of accusations that CNN was tipped off to be there when Roger Stone was arrested, Mueller is denying it, kinda. From the Hill: “The

Roger Stone arrestado por el FBI y acusado por Mueller

Roger Stone fue arrestado y acusado por Mueller por obstrucción, manipulación de testigos y declaraciones falsas. Esto es lo que sabemos: FOX NEWS  – Roger Stone, the colorful former longtime political adviser to President Trump, has been indicted on charges of obstruction, making false statements and witness tampering as part of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s wide-ranging Russia collusion probe. For months, Stone has warned that he could be indicted, saying in public he believed Mueller was investigating whether he had advance knowledge of WikiLeaks releasing hacked emails of Democrats during the 2016 campaign. Stone has repeatedly denied the accusation. A spokesman for Mueller’s office said Stone, 66, was arrested in Fort Lauderdale on Friday morning after being indicted by a federal grand jury a day earlier. White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, appearing on CNN, said Friday, “This has nothing to do with the president or the White House — has to do with that