Jimmy Acosta: "Democrats don't hate Jewish people. That's silly. Not true."

CNN’s chief White House correspondent opened with a question about whether Trump tried to block AT&T’s merger with Time Warner. After Sanders said she was not aware of any such conversation, Acosta circled back to the situation with “Democrats and Jewish people,” asking if Trump’s rhetoric is “beneath” the American people.

“Do you think that the president has thought, at all, going into the 2020 campaign that the rhetoric just needs to be lowered? Whether it’s talking about Democrats, the media, immigrants, or should we just plan on hearing the president use the same kind of language that we heard in 2016 and all through the first couple years of this administration?” Acosta asked.
Sanders responded that it’s a shame Democrats won’t come together and condemn anti-Semitic remarks.
“I think that is a great shame,” Sanders said. “The president has been clear on what his position is, certainly what his support is for the people and the community of Israel.”
Acosta then asked if it “drags down the rhetoric of a debate” when someone says something that is “patently untrue.” Sanders tried to answer, and the CNN correspondent continued to talk over her.
“Democrats don’t hate Jewish people, that’s just silly,” Acosta said. “It’s not true.”
Trump never said that Democrats hate Jewish people. That’s just foolishness from Acosta.
Trump pointed toward the vote where they refused to condemn the anti-Semitic remarks of Ilhan Omar or call her out by name and said they’ve become the anti-Israel and anti-Jewish PARTY.
And it’s absolutely true. The fact that there was such an uprising in the party when they decided to condemn Omar’s insults just proves Trump’s point. There is so much anti-Semitism and pro-Muslim sympathies in the party that Democrats had to back down almost completely.
Acosta needs to get his facts straight. But clearly he’s only there to get his face on TV.