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Rep. Dan Goldman full interview

  'He's got it backwards': Dem Rep responds to Jim Jordan's defense of Trump Dem Rep: 'This is an overwhelmingly devastating indictment'

Former CIA Director John Brennan joins Jen Psaki to discuss how damaging Donald Trump's handling of classified documents was to our national security.

  "I can tell from the code words that are on there...the types of very sensitive collection systems that this information is derived from." John Brennan to Jen Psaki on what stuck out to him the most in the Trump indictment. ... .en Psaki "Is there anything about any of the timelines of these documents that gave you pause because you knew what the moment was?" .John Brennan : "I've been able to put some pieces together and I'm sure our adversaries and others have been able to put the pieces together."

Washington Post national political reporter Michael Scherer joins Jen Psaki for a conversation on his latest reporting on Robert F Kennedy Jr.

  Twitter owner Elon Musk has proposed hosting Twitter Spaces interviews with political candidates of all stripes, reflecting the billionaire’s supposed commitment to ideological neutrality and to promoting Twitter as a true “public square.” So far, however, Musk appears to be more interested in platforming candidates that align with his own views rather than those who might challenge them. On Monday, Musk is set to share an audio chatroom with Robert Kennedy Jr., the anti-vaccine activist and Democratic candidate for president. The decision to host Kennedy again highlights, for the second time in as many weeks, Musk’s unique potential to shape public opinion through a combination of his own personal celebrity and his private control of a social media megaphone. But this time, it also deepens doubts about Musk’s claims to open-mindedness — and his willingness to use Twitter as anything other than a tool for his own activism. Musk, who built much of his early reputation as an entrepren

Jen Psaki: “You are Republican most of your life, and you may still consider yourself one, but voted for Biden in 2020...Do you intend to vote for him again?

  Ex-FBI Director James Comey, a vocal critic of   former President Donald Trump,   was asked in a new interview that aired Sunday about his thoughts on the 2024 presidential election. "It has to be Joe Biden," Comey said in response to a question from Biden's former White House press secretary, Jen Psaki, during an interview for her show on MSNBC.  "And I’m glad he’s willing to serve. It has to be somebody committed to the rule of law, committed to the values of this country," he continued. "And I’m not talking about policy. People can disagree about policy. There are things above those disagreements that all of us should think about the same way. The president must be someone who abides the law and our Constitution. And there’s no one else but Joe Biden."  Noting that Comey was once a longtime Republican but voted for Biden in 2020, Psaki asked if he'd consider any of the Republican contenders entering the 2024 race.  Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis

Brainard joins us to discuss the agreement between President Biden and Speaker Kevin McCarthy to raise the debt ceiling.

Jayapal: 'Really unfortunate' Biden 'opened the door' to new work requirements Key Democratic leader: 'I don't know yet' if I support debt ceiling deal Tapper asks Democratic lawmaker if White House should worry about Progressive Caucus. Hear her response   'What was all the drama for?': Progressive leader Jayapal reacts to debt deal I now turn to Congresswoman and Progressive Caucus Chair Pramila Jayapal, who has had concerns about some of the measures that ended up in this bill. Congresswoman, thanks so much. Appreciate it. Congresswoman, so the specific legislative language still being worked on. President Biden says this agreement is a compromise, which means not everyone gets what they want. You just heard Congressman Johnson say Democrats didn't get anything in the deal. Are you going to support the -- he also said that he thinks you're going to vote against it. How are you going to vote? REP. PRAMILA JAYAPAL (D-WA): Well, I don'

Nebraska Senator Megan Hunt joins Jen Psaki to discuss Nebraska's new law that restricts gender-affirming care and gender-confirming surgery for trans youth under 19.

  A Nebraska bill combining a ban on most abortions after 12 weeks and restrictions on gender-affirming care for transgender Nebraskans under 19 is poised to become law after the state’s unicameral legislature voted for its passage Friday. Nebraska’s LB 574, also known as the “Let Them Grow Act” was first introduced to bar health care providers from performing gender transition surgeries and to restrict access to puberty blocking medication and hormone treatments for anyone under 19. It will also severely restrict most abortions at 12 weeks after legislators added a last-minute amendment to the bill on May 17. Republican Gov. Jim Pillen has said he will sign the bill into law. “All children deserve a chance to grow and live happy, fruitful lives. This includes pre-born boys and girls, and it includes children struggling with their gender identity,” he said in a statement after the bill’s passage. “These kids deserve the opportunity to grow and explore who they are and want to be, and t

Democrat Senator Cory Booker joins Jen Psaki for another hard-hitting interview

. Cory Booker: “We’ll see what the future holds. I ran for president for a purpose. One of that was healing our country, bringing us together again to see a more common purpose...And if that is still something in future presidential elections, I’ll think about it again.”

Jacksonville Mayor-elect Donna Deegan joins Jen Psaki to discuss her upset win over DeSantis-backed GOP candidate and the future of Florida politics

  Donna Deegan, former TV anchor and breast cancer charity organizer, won an upset victory Tuesday to become the mayor of   Jacksonville, Florida.   Deegan, a Democrat, was confirmed as mayor-elect after beating Gov. Ron DeSantis-backed Republican rival Daniel Davis. "Love won tonight, and we made history. We have a new day in Jacksonville because people chose unity over division – creating a broad coalition of people across the political spectrum that want a unified city," Deegan wrote on social media following her victory. She will replace incumbent Mayor Lenny Curry, a Republican, who is in his final term. "Together, we will bring change for good to Jacksonville by making good on the decades-long broken promises on infrastructure, building an economy that works for everyone and improving access to health care," Deegan said. She added, "We will break down the wall between City Hall and bring all the people in to create a city that works for everyone." De

Alexis McGill Johnson told MSNBC's Jen Psaki that "the way in which the system has been captured requires us to engage in structural reform in a different way."

  Planned Parenthood called for court packing and term limits for   Supreme Court justices   in its latest judicial reform package on Sunday. Planned Parenthood's proposals come nearly a year after the Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey in June 2022, allowing states to ban abortion. In addition to court packing and term limits, the group is also calling on Congress to establish a code of ethics for SCOTUS, expand the size of lower courts and end single-judge divisions. While the group's proposal calls for an expanded Supreme Court bench, or court packing, it does not specify how many justices should be added. "Planned Parenthood refuses to accept that our courts can only exist as they do now, and understands that reforms are integral to building the public’s trust that the courts can and will function to uphold hard-won freedoms and advance justice for future generations," the group's president, Alexis McGill Johnson, said in a s

GOP Gov. Chris Sununu to Jen Psaki: Best argument against Trump is he’s ‘a loser’

  GOP Gov. Chris Sununu "very interested" in running for president A plea for a return to Republican values, from the 'Live Free or Die' state AMANPOUR: How black players transformed basketball and American society. Author Theresa Runstedtler speaks to Michel Martin about her new book on the generation that saved the NBA. Welcome to the program, everyone. I'm Christiane Amanpour in New York. It is a busy day in the nation's capital as South Korea's President Yoon comes to town while tensions do mountain Asia. President Biden is probably eager to smooth out tensions between them after a Pentagon leak expose the U.S. eavesdropped even on its allies. The leaders are also set to announce more U.S. support for Seoul amid growing nuclear threats from North Korea. Earlier today, the Chinese president, Xi Jinping, spoke with his Ukrainian counterpart in a much-awaited phone call. President Zelenskyy says their conversation was meaningful. But will it make Beiji