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VIDEO: Senator Krysten Sinema leaves the Democrat Party, becomes an independent.

  “There’s a lot of evidence that has more to do with how she is eyeing her 2024 re-election,” Melber said. “Now, something that liberals wanted to do was primary her. She voted against, for example, the minimum wage increase. Arizona Democrats censured her when she was part of the push to stop a voting rights bill and also blew up Democrats’ plans to raise certain taxes on wealthier Americans.” “Where this is tricky, you touched on this, Ari, is 2024. Does she run as an independent?” Psaki, a former White House press secretary, asked. “Is she trying to back Schumer and the Democrats up against a wall where they’re not — they may not want to support a Democrat running, because she could be a spoiler and make it easier for the Republicans?”

former Biden White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki explains the implications of the Georgia Senate runoff on the Republican Party in 2024.

  Trump’s rant may be a sign of a stuttering 2024 campaign The most immediate question raised by Trump’s latest controversy is what it says about a presidential campaign that has been swallowed up by one far-right authoritarian sideshow after another. Far from barnstorming the nation, making a case on the economy, health care and immigration or outlining a program for the future, Trump has given comfort to zealots and insurrectionists. He hosted Kanye West at Mar-a-Lago last month, at a time when the rapper now known as Ye is in the middle of a vile streak of antisemitism and praising Adolf Hitler. The far-right Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes was at also at that dinner. Trump claimed he didn’t know who Fuentes was but the former president still hasn’t criticized his ideology. Last week, Trump, in a fundraising video, praised the mob that invaded the Capitol in the worst attack on US democracy in modern times, again promoting violence as an acceptable response to political grievances. Hi

From backlash over hosting both Ye and Nick Fuentes at Mar-a-Lago to the Jan. 6 Committee closing in on making criminal referrals, former President Trump is having a horrific month.

  ‘Morning Joe': Jen Psaki Warns Trump Could Still ‘Come Back From the Dead, He’s Like a Cat’ After a Career-Worst Month The prosecutor claims President Trump sanctioned this tax fraud explicitly, however they never charged Trump with anything and I seriously doubt this prosecutor’s claims. Big claims are always made against Trump and they never really pan out. It’s all just an attempt to hurt him because if they had the proof , they’d certainly come forward with it.

MSNBC contributor Jen Psaki blasted Republican U.S. Senate candidate Herschel Walker over his latest campaign ad featuring a female NCAA swimming champion speaking out against competing against biological males.

  On Thursday morning’s   edition  of MSNBC’s  Morning Joe , Psaki identified several “very good signs” for Warnock, despite recent polls showing a tight race: WILLIE GEIST: He hasn’t taken questions from reporters in two months. Apparently, there’s this new rule reporters can’t get within 20 feet of Herschel Walker so that they can’t even shout questions to him. But with all that said, there’s a new Emerson poll today that has Warnock up only two points — still kind of a margin of error race there. JEN PSAKI: Yeah. Look, it’s, Georgia is a purple state. This is not a state — even with the strength of Reverend Warnock as a strong candidate and a powerful candidate. It still is going to be a close race. There are some very good signs here, Willie, not just Herschel Walker’s craziness every time he opens his mouth, about vampires or whatever he may be talking about. Also, the fact that the early turnout numbers are so high, women are turning out, young people are turning out. These ar

Press Briefing by Press Secretary Jen Psaki, November 29, 2021

 MS. PSAKI:  Hi, everyone.   Q    Hello.   MS. PSAKI:  Happy post-Thanksgiving, salad-eating days, I guess.  (Laughter.)   Okay, a couple of items for all of you at the top.  As you all know, today is Cyber Monday — one of the biggest shopping days of the year.   The President will convene a roundtable shortly with CEOs and leaders of major retailers and grocers to hear about their expectation and preparation for a robust holiday shopping season.  We’ve already seen some evidence of that over the last several days.   This event will include CEOs from Best Buy, Food Lion, Etsy, Walmart, Mattel, and more.  The President will also share a message directly to Americans consumers.  Throughout the holidays, products will be on shelves and consumers will be able to purchase what they want and need.   The event follows early estimates that Black Friday sales were up nearly a third since last year.  In-store sales were up by even more than that.  And we’re hearing similar reports from Small Bus

Press Briefing by Press Secretary Jen Psaki and Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm, November 23, 2021

 MS. PSAKI:  Hi, everyone. Q    Whoa. MS. PSAKI:  Oh, sorry. Q    What, you got a holiday to go to?  (Laughter.) MS. PSAKI:  Whoa.  We’re a little earl- — we’re just excited to see you guys.  Okay, I realize we’re a little early.  So, good afternoon, everyone.  Take your time.  If people want to shuffle into their seats.  I know this briefing is a bit later than normal, but we wanted to make sure we had a special guest who could join us.  And Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm is here for, I believe, her third visit to the Briefing Room with us. SECRETARY GRANHOLM:  (Holds up two fingers.) MS. PSAKI:  Second?  Okay. Today, she’s here to speak about the President’s actions to make 50 million barrels of oil available from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to lower prices for the American people. We’ll turn it over to her.  She has a bit of a time hardout, so we’ll — she’ll take some questions and then we’ll send her on her way, and we’ll continue to do a briefing after that. With that, I w