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New Jersey gym owner defiant after arrest for violating stay-at-home order: 'I'm not afraid of tyrants'

Ian Smith vowed in May to reopen Atilis Gym in Bellmawr with social distancing measures in place. Their plans drew a crowd of supporters who gathered outside the facility to protest Murphy's stay-at-home mandates. Since then, Smith said he has been served "citation after citation ... " was shut down by the local health department, and was held in contempt of court. "From the last time that we   spoke, we had lost our newest case of contempt of court. That was on Friday of last week," Smith told Carlson. "The governor said, and requested in court, to take 'extraordinary measures' to stop us from operating our business." Smith said he was forced to remove the doors to his facility to gain access after the health department boarded them up in another attempt to shut down the gym. "My partner [Frank Trumbetti] and I have had the doors removed since Thursday and we had not left the building since," Smith said. " We had two wee