"The View" co-host Meghan McCain Mocks Trump’s Tulsa Rally Turnout: “The Writing is On the Wall”

On Monday morning, The View opened with the biggest topic of the weekend: Trump’s highly-anticipated rally in Tulsa, his first since COVID-19 began spreading in March. For days leading up to the event, the Trump campaign bragged that more than 800,000 people had signed up to attend, but when it came time for the president to speak on Saturday, the arena was only about one-third full. The co-hosts noted that some Trump supporters likely stayed away due to concerns about the novel coronavirus, but admitted that Generation Z’s TikTok users could also have played a role in the low turnout.
“I am curious as to whether or not these Zoomers or these TikToks teens registered for tickets and trolled him,” said Sunny Hostin with a smile. “Around what would go to a mid-level ’80s band was the audience he got,” added McCain.
The conservative co-host went on to say that she “loved” seeing the dozens of shots of the empty arena that circulated on social media throughout the weekend. “The Trump campaign has been really braggadocios, saying, ‘800,000 people, a million people were going to show up,'” said McCain. “And then to have 6,200 people show up, and whatever the reasoning is … To say that it’s far below expectations is putting it very mildly.”
McCain also highlighted a viral image of Trump post-rally, in which his tie hangs long around his neck and his trademark MAGA hat is crumpled in his hand. “There are optics in every campaign or any presidency that stick with the American public,” she said. “The image of President Trump in front of a one-third full arena and then getting off a plane with his tie undone holding a MAGA hat looking depressed — this is an image that is going to stick with the American public.”
“This is the image that’s going to haunt the Trump campaign,” added McCain. “This is bad, bad news for the Trump campaign.”
"The View" co-host Joy Behar offered a warning to Democrats who may be growing confident in Joe Biden's chances of winning the 2020 election against President Trump.
Between the coronavirus outbreak and the racial tensions following the death of George Floyd, several polls in recent weeks have suggested that Biden has a comfortable lead over Trump, including the latest HDT national poll that shows the former vice president with a 12-point lead.
On Monday, while discussing Trump's underwhelming crowd size at Saturday's rally in Tulsa, Behar began by having some fun at the president's expense.
"I've seen a bigger crowd at a Carrot Top performance in Soho," the liberal TV personality joked. "Having said that, what I'm more concerned about is what I saw before the rally when people from the networks were interviewing Trump supporters. And let me tell you something... don't take it for granted that Biden is a shoo-in even though the numbers are in his favor right now."

She explained, "These people are in love the way you're in love with somebody when you first meet them and you're just running towards each other in slow motion. They are in love with him. He is like the boyfriend, however, who will dump you in six weeks for a younger version and a prettier version whereas Biden is like the husband who will take out the garbage and do the dishes. "
Behar concluded by telling her co-hosts, "So I worry about people who are in that state of euphoria over a candidate because they will make it their business to get to the polls.