Former national security adviser John Bolton calls Pres. Trump’s alleged pursuit of personal over national interest “disturbing.”

Co-host Sunny Hostin directly tackled the question of Trump's alleged quid pro quo with Ukraine, the subject of his impeachment trial.

"It is your understanding then that President Trump wanted information on the Bidens, and on the Clintons in return for unfreezing the aid?" Hostin said.
"Precisely," Bolton replied.
Although Bolton has said he will not for Trump, as he did in 2016, he said he won't for the presumptive Democratic nominee former Vice President Joe Biden either, opting, instead, to write in a conservative name he hasn't yet determined.
"I have to be true to my philosophical convictions as well," Bolton said. "The good news I can give to you is that I was born and raised in Maryland. I live in Maryland today. I'm a registered voter there. Joe Biden's going to carry Maryland no matter what I do."
The House ultimately impeached Trump along partisan lines but the GOP-led Senate declined to convict Trump on the two articles presented by Democrats.
Sunny Hostin and the other co-hosts echoed mounting criticism that Bolton waited to criticize Trump until getting a book deal.
"You were working for Trump for 17 months, and you write about all this horrible stuff you saw go on, and yet you never said a word until someone gave you $2 million to write a book about it," Behar said.
"Now you can redeem yourself in my eyes if you even care," Behar added, laughing, "if you testify under oath about the unconstitutional, impossible criminal behavior of this president. Will you do that? Under oath." An impassioned Whoopi Goldberg similarly confronted Bolton on why he didn't testify.
During his interview, Bolton told Hostin that he thought Trump wanted to exchange foreign aid to Ukraine for information on former Vice President Joe Biden.
But Bolton told "The View" he thought Democrats' impeachment push had become a partisan process that would have guaranteed much of the information in his book was ignored. He added that his testimony wouldn't have made "any difference."
"That's not true!" Hostin shot back. But Bolton maintained that Democrats' impeachment "malpractice" drove the parties into their "partisan corners."