Sen. Mike Braun: 'Why don't you tell us what Officer Rolfe should've done when this man fired a Taser at him?'

Braun argued Monday that unless Republican lawmakers work to change the system, "Democrats are going to spin it" to their benefit in the November elections.

"Chuck Schumer has already decided he can make hay of this in the election and we will end up on the short side of it again," Braun said.
"Who controls the Senate?" Carlson fired back. "I thought Republicans controlled the Senate. So you're taking your cues from Chuck Schumer [and] saying, 'He might criticize me, therefore I have to pass a law that makes it easier to sue police'?"
Braun said his bill would provide "due process" for victims of police misconduct, citing the controversial shooting death earlier this month of Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta, which the GOP lawmaker recently described as an "egregious incident" of police brutality.
When Carlson asked pointedly whether Braun thought former Atlanta police officer Garrett Rolfe --who fired the fatal shots after Brooks fired his own Taser at him -- deserves the felony murder charge and he now faces, the senator said the decision would be "determined by the courts."
"You cited it," Carlson interjected. "What do you think of it? You're the one who called it egregious, so why don't you tell us what Officer Rolfe should have done when this man fired a Taser at him?
"I think that you probably should have had the judgment in a traffic stop like that," Braun answered. "You don't shoot somebody in the back."
"You are an officeholder," Carlson went on. "I don't normally press people like this but it's not fair for you to filibuster without answering the question which is very simple. The officer facing the death penalty had a guy fire a weapon at him. What should he have done then?"
"Probably not have killed the guy," Braun remarked.
With the election just months away, Braun said Republicans will likely hold on to the Senate if GOP lawmakers are willing to "engage in issues that are important to the American public."
"I don't think the public supports you at all on this," Carlson countered.
It’s 9 minutes long but you really need to watch the whole thing. Because when you do, you’ll hear Braun call the killing of Rayshard Brooks ‘egregious’ because, as Braun puts it, the officer shouldn’t have shot him in the back and killed him. When asked by Tucker what he should have done instead with a man firing a weapon at him, Braun repeated his remark that he shouldn’t have shot him in the back. When pressed by Tucker, Braun suggested that the guy wouldn’t have gotten away and that police shouldn’t have killed him.
When questioned about his bill that weakens police immunity, Braun kept saying that Republicans have to be part of the discussion of else we’ll lose the Senate. Seriously. He claimed to have the support of police groups, but when asked if they were endorsing his bill that weakens police immunity, he said no. Braun suggested they want to be part of the discussion to. Tucker asked why he doesn’t write a bill that these police groups would endorse, and Braun simply said “we may get there…”
And this, my friends, is how we lose the Senate. Watch the video above for much more…
P.S. I almost forgot to mention that Braun also endorsed the group Black Lives Matter.