The Trump Crackdown Begins: Seattle's Democrati leaders' attempts to dismantle CHOP 'autonomous zone' have been unsuccessful

On Monday, Democratic leadership announced their intention to put an end to CHOP after two recent shootings -- one of which was deadly. However, Seattle Police Officers Guild President Mike Solan said the effort to do so was met with resistance and the problem is far from over.
"There were some city entities, as far as heads, that went into the area yesterday to try to remove some of the boundary areas -- as far as blockades -- and they were met with resistance. Armed people flocked into the area and prevented those city entities, those agencies to get the job done," he told Cavuto. "So no, this has not been solved. It's deeply troubling still."

Solan reiterated that the Pacific Northwest metropolis's "fundamental lack of leadership" has been damning for his department, citing the ban of chemical munitions.
"And, as I mentioned on your show last time as well, the West Precinct downtown -- which houses the 911 communication center -- has been probed and effaced the last five nights. Last night they were successful in breaching windows right outside the precinct," he added. "And so, here we are, we’re fighting for control of our police facilities so we can protect the majority of the public."
"But, as you and I are both aware, this is a small group that [is] holding the entire city of Seattle, the majority of its citizens hostage. And autonomous zones like CHOP impose the will of the few onto the majority. It’s actually democracy in reverse," Solan continued further. "And now, as we predicted last time, this has metastasized across the entire nation."
Protesters in Washington D.C. were cleared out Monday evening after attempting to set up their own autonomous zone near the White House.
"And so, when are we going to get leadership to help solve the problem?" asked Solan. "And, we want to come to the table and be stakeholders in this, for our piece…but what's sadly happening is that there’s a socialist movement that has now infected City Hall politics. That…has got everybody in our city held captive by this ideology."
"It's [an] extremely, extremely difficult situation that we need to get a hold of immediately," he concluded.
GOOD. Sooner or later Seattle’s ‘CHOP’ will be dismantled. Sooner or later, rioters are going to be pepper sprayed in the face. And sooner or later, the people tearing down statues across the country are going to face the music.
Hint: It’s sooner.
And this?
Well check out this, from the U.S. Attorney’s office, D.C.
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE     Saturday, June 27, 2020
Four Men Charged in Federal Court for Attempting to Tear Down Statue of Andrew Jackson in Lafayette Square Amid Protests
Lee Michael Cantrell, 47, of Virginia; Connor Matthew Judd, 20, of Washington, D.C.; Ryan Lane, 37, of Maryland; and Graham Lloyd, 37, of Maine, were charged by criminal complaint yesterday with destruction of federal property, announced Acting U.S. Attorney Michael R. Sherwin, Special Agent in Charge of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Washington Field Office’s Criminal Division James A. Dawson, and Acting Chief of the United States Park Police (USPP) Gregory T. Monahan.
The complaint, unsealed today, alleges that on June 22, 2020, the four men along with other unidentified individuals, damaged and attempted to tear down the statue depicting Andrew Jackson located in Lafayette Square. The complaint further alleges that Cantrell was captured on video attempting to pry the statue off its base with a wooden board and trying to pull the statue down with the aid of a yellow strap. The complaint alleges that Judd is seen on video trying to pull down the statue, and that Lane is seen on video affixing a rope to one part of the statue and then pulling on another rope tied to the statue. The complaint also alleges that video of the incident shows Lloyd as he breaks off and destroys the wheels of cannons located at the base of the statue. Lloyd is also captured on video pulling on ropes in an effort to topple the statue, and handing a hammer to an unidentified individual involved in the incident.
Great. Take your medicine. You want to fight for the cause you take the consequences. It’s part of the package.