Andy McCarthy calls firing of US Attorney Geoffrey Berman 'much ado about nothing'

In an interview on "America's Newsroom" with host Ed Henry, the Fox News contributor pointed out that Berman was simply an interim attorney "essentially keeping the seat warm" until a fully-appointed U.S. attorney was put in place.

McCarthy explained that with the leadership and senators -- who have an impact on the confirmation process -- in the state of New York being Democrats, the challenge for President Trump has been to try to get his own people confirmed who will work with the Democrats in Congress.

"And, obviously, of lot of that [has] broken down," he noted.

According to McCarthy, Berman wasn’t even a permanent full-fledged confirmed US attorney, he was just an interim US attorney. McCarthy says he was essentially keeping the seat warm until they got a full, appointed US attorney there.
The Trump administration is moving to put SEC Chairman Clayton in Berman’s role, to appoint to him to the position. McCarthy notes that Clayton got bipartisan support when he was appointed as the SEC director, and so it makes sense for the Trump administration to put him at SDNY when there are two Democratic NY Senators.
McCarthy adds that they weren’t trying to kick Berman “to the curb”, but were offering him other important roles in the government. But Berman refused to leave his position, so AG Barr asked Trump to fire him. McCarthy pointed out yesterday that while US Attorneys report to Barr, they are political appointees and thus have to be fired only by the president.
As far as why Democrats are trying to scandalize this, McCarthy said it’s because they know the Durham investigation will be over soon and are obviously trying to discredit Barr by blowing everything he does out of proportion.
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