Joe Biden leads 2020 Democratic presidential polls but will he live up to voters' expectations?

Former Vice President Joe Biden will announce his presidential bid Thursday morning with an online video, according to reports. But is Biden's plan causing concern among Democrats? The panel discusses.

Biden was probably hoping to announce his candidacy for president tomorrow with much fanfare and praise from the media, but that’s not what he got from those on Morning Joe this morning.

Both Joe Scarborough and John Heilemann don’t think it’s going to end well for Biden:

Here’s the transcript from Newsbusters:
JOE SCARBOROUGH: I have yet to talk to a Democratic activist or a Democratic fundraiser who is excited about Joe Biden getting in the race. And, I’ll take it a step further, and I’ve been surprised, but almost every Democrat, to a person, that I have spoken with is concerned that this is going to end badly for Joe Biden, and that he should not get into the race. And that is something I have heard repeatedly over the past several months. What about you?

JOHN HEILEMANN: Well, I think yes. I think that’s consistent with what a lot of people who report on politics and are tuned into this stuff have been hearing, Joe, including me. I would say that among people who are close to the Vice-President, and people who consider themselves fans of Joe Biden, people who would be happy to live in an America where Joe Biden was the President, those are, may be the constituency that is most concerned about what’s about to happen to him . . . I think you’re right to say, first of all, among activists, there’s not a hue and cry, and obviously activists are not the whole of the Democratic party, but there’s a long chunk of yardage between now and the first votes, and there’s not a lot of activists who are like crying out for Joe Biden. And among people who like him most, and have his best interests at heart, you hear a pronounced sense of–I wouldn’t say exactly fear–concern that this might not go all that well.
. . .

SCARBOROUGH: There is a negative dynamic set into this campaign. And it is hard to see Joe Biden stirring up the type of excitement as, say, you know, Kamala Harris did in her introduction, or that Mayor Pete is doing every day. So the question is, how does he change the dynamic? He’s used to being treated well by the press. He’s always been treated well by the press. Things may get much more difficult in this competitive Democratic primary.
Biden has clearly been under attack in Democratic circles lately. He even had to give a phony apology for groping women all these years.
And now Heilemann and Scarborough are suggesting that Democrats are not excited by his soon-to-be announced candidacy.
But to the contrary, Biden has been doing well in polling among Democrats. Just yesterday both Monmouth and Morning Consult had Biden +7 and +6 over everyone else in the pack.
If this is any indication, Biden will do very well among the Democratic base – at least until he sticks his foot in his mouth, which we all know is coming.


  1. He’s a “hands-on” candidate.

    I don’t fear Biden anymore. I still fear B.S. even though he’s a freaking joke and his candidacy should be over after his last stance. And now I fear Butt-Judge because even though he’s a craven liar and a heretic, he’s able to check the homo box, which is a distinction and will appeal to many. Plus, like a snake, he has a soothsayer way of making his case and bastardizing biblical verses. He almost seems “reasonable” in a field of nut cases. Finally, I’m concerned with the former Starbucks CEO. IF he runs as a democrat and not an Independent, he seems semi-moderate and may gain some appeal. But Biden is a gaffe-machine and way too handsy. And since Leftists claim to believe women no matter what, all the #Metoo’s who are complaining about Biden might have some weight.


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