Bill Kristol slammed for saying Giuliani ran away from Senate race against 'stronger' Clinton, ignores cancer diagnosis

NeverTrumper king Bill Kristol isn’t someone who crosses my radar very often, as you can imagine.

But today he didn’t just cross my radar but also crossed a line, one that Twitter was quick to torch him for doing.

“Rudy plays a tough guy now, on Twitter. But he didn’t have the guts to take on Hillary in 2000 for the New York Senate seat,” Kristol, who runs The Bulwark website, wrote in a tweet. “When that race got tough, @RudyGiuliani got going. As bullies do when confronted by a stronger person.”

Many social media users immediately jumped on the tweet, slamming Kristol for ignoring Giuliani’s cancer diagnosis during the race that led to his decision to end the campaign against Clinton in 2000.

“Well...he was diagnosed with prostate cancer during the race. So this is not your best work,” tweeted Nathan Wurtzel. “You do recall that he was diagnosed with prostate cancer that same year?” seconded radio personality Frank Morano.

And believe me, Kristol knows this very well. Politics is what he does.

Others on Twitter were quick to pile on. The list is forever long, but here’s some of the more potent ones:
Even after hours and hours of all of this, his tweet is still up. He just doesn’t care anymore, clearly.