"People are going to have their opinions about whatever, and all I can deal with right now is what my heart says." - Gladys Knight defends decision to perform the National Anthem at the Super Bowl

soul music icon Gladys Knight wipes the stupid smirk off of Don Lemon’s face by describing how great a country we live in, and how she’s honored to sing the national anthem for it!!!

In a great interview on CNN, Legendary soul singer Gladys Knight isn’t worried that her decision to sing the national anthem at Sunday’s Super Bowl will negatively impact her career.

“For me, it’s just for me about respect,” Knight said during an interview with CNN with Don Lemon. “I’m just hoping it will be about our country and how we treat each other and being the great country that we are.”
Knight’s remarks came in response to Mark Geragos, the attorney for former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who accused performers of "crossing an intellectual picket line" to perform at Sunday’s game and "caring more about my career" than about doing the right thing.
It’s amazing.
“I mean if we start denying the anthem – there’s so many people that have died for the country,” she says, and you can tell Lemon DOES NOT LIKE IT. She even talks about how she participated in the civil rights struggle, and she does NOT see why she needs to be against the national anthem!! I love it. And Don Lemon hated it. Which made me love it even more.


  1. Gladys Knight was spectacular. She is a credit to our nation in every aspect. Don "racist" Lemon should be ashamed of himself. He is a race baiter and divider. He is what is wrong with this country .


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