UNBELIEVABLE: CNN says Michael Cohen has already LIED under oath about NOT wanting to work in the White House!

As you’ve already seen, Jim Jordan lit into Michael Cohen this morning about him wanting to work in the White House. Jordan even suggested that Trump never choosing him to work in the White House is what he’s really angry about and why he’s doing the hearing.
But Cohen was emphatic, saying point blank that he never wanted to work in the White House. He was always happy just to be Trump’s
Well as it turns out, Jim Jordan was right and Cohen was lying.
How do we know? CNN confirmed it:

As someone said on Twitter, when you lose CNN…
I saw a few people on Twitter saying that Cohen very much wanted to work in the White House, and now CNN is saying it too. And it’s not just Dana Bash’s reporting, most on the panel agreed based on their reporting too.
Dana Bash argues in the video clip that if Trump really wanted Cohen in the White House, he would have been there. She uses Omarosa as just one example of that.
Remember, Cohen was sworn in before he gave his testimony this morning. He swore to tell the truth and now it appears he’s already lied under oath. Amazing.
And this is who Democrats picked to damage Trump. Nice job.
(h/t: Free Beacon)