Eric Swalwell : ‘I Don’t Really Care’ About Alleged Hush Money, Nor Do ‘Most People’

Swalwell appeared on MSNBC to discuss the developments from the testimony of Michael Cohen, who formerly served as Trump's personal attorney. Anchor Katy Tur asked Swalwell whether he had heard anything from the testimony that led him to believe that Trump has committed a "high crime or a misdemeanor," and he said he did.
In addition, Swalwell said he was going to focus on Russia rather than Trump's personal life.

More from the Free Beacon:
“Frankly, I don’t really care too much about the payoffs to the women. I don’t think most people do either,” Swalwell said.
Swalwell put his focus on Roger Stone, a political ally and informal adviser to Trump, and concluded that Stone must have talked to Trump about WikiLeaks, the web site accused of obtaining hacked DNC emails from Russian operatives.
“As it relates to Russia, we learned that the president was in contact with Roger Stone. We saw in our investigation that all the evidence pointed in that direction and they talked throughout the campaign and that it would have been unnatural if Roger Stone didn’t share his conversations with WikiLeaks,” Swalwell said.
I think this is truly weird because there’s definitely evidence that he paid off the women he cheated with before the election, and there’s very little evidence about Russian collusion, but Swalwell is totally giving up on the former in favor for the latter. Maybe he knows that even then it would be tough to prove that Trump paid them off in order to influence the election, rather than simply keep it from Melania, who would stab him with an Estonian scimitar or something.


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