Wow! Kamala Harris’ dad slams his daughter’s use of 'identity politics'

The father of the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate blasts his daughter for invoking her Jamaican heritage when discussing legalizing pot.

WOW! Kamala Harris’s own father calls her out, categorically dissociates himself from part of her campaign!

It’s never a good look for a candidate when their own family members criticize them for any issues they support.

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But that’s exactly what happened here to Kamala Harris when her own father came out and blasted her position on marijuana, especially with respect to her Jamaican heritage:
FREE BEACON – Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris’s new embrace of smoking marijuana didn’t go well back in Jamaica, where her father said her ancestors would be “turning in their grave” after hearing her stereotype the island’s people as “pot-smoking joy seekers.”
Harris cited her Jamaican heritage last week when she admitted to smoking marijuana. The California senator scoffed at claims that she opposes legalizing the drug by saying, “Half my family is from Jamaica, are you kidding me?” She said she supports legalization because smoking “gives a lot of people joy, and we need more joy.”
Her father Donald Harris, who came to the United States from Jamaica in pursuit of a graduate degree in economics, took issue with his daughter’s use of the drug stereotype as she runs for president.
“My dear departed grandmothers, as well as my deceased parents, must be turning in their grave right now to see their family’s name, reputation and proud Jamaican identity being connected, in any way, jokingly or not with the fraudulent stereotype of a pot-smoking joy seeker and in the pursuit of identity politics,” he said in a statement to Jamaica Global that gained attention in the United States over the weekend.
“Speaking for myself and my immediate Jamaican family, we wish to categorically dissociate ourselves from this travesty,” he said.
Dang. He even says it’s all being done in the name of ‘identity politics’.
He then labels it a travesty and says he and his immediate family categorically disassociate from it.
That’s amazing!
I wouldn’t expect to see this in any campaign commercials for a while. But you can better believe that when things start to get hot and heavy in the Democratic Primary, someone will put his in an ad.