Michael Cohen Says "President Trump is a racist, conman and cheat"

Michael Cohen's evidence against Trump is getting compared to those long-ass CVS receipts

In an opening statement to the House Oversight Committee, former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen accuses his former client of knowing about the Roger Stone-WikiLeaks plot but denies 'direct evidence' of Russia collusion.

And some People don't believe him...........hu.....hu'......

As Trump's former personal attorney testified against Donald Trump before Congress on Wednesday morning, the American people came to realize he had receipts for daaaaaaays.

Cohen presented a number of documents to Congress — including damning financial statements, news clippings, tweets, and more — Twitter users began to realize Cohen's receipts might rival the ridiculously long ones CVS gives its customers.

Naturally, it wasn't long before a bunch of CVS receipt memes and jokes came along.

Looks like we could all be here for a while...

Trump has already tweeted about Cohen this morning as well: