Heartbreaking… This isn't in New York, this isn't in California, this happened just this week right here in Virginia.

This from the VA House GOP:
So if a woman is dialating and the baby is literally about to be born, this proposal would allow the woman to legally murder her baby.

What these Democrats are proposing and what New York just passed is absolutely barbaric. Disgustingly so. I just can’t imagine how evil their hearts must be to even propose such madness.
Yet these are the same people who will create sanctuary cities for illegals, declaring themselves the most compassionate when it comes to the individual, telling us no one should be deported.
So aborting quasi-newborn babies is allowable, but deporting adults in this country illegally is evil. Is that about right?
The only saving grace we have in Virginia, at least for now, is that Republicans still control both chambers…but only barely. That could easily change this year when they hold their elections.
Oh the day when Jesus returns and puts an end, once and for all, to this abhorrent evil, vanquishing the wicked and their sins together. Come, Lord Jesus, Come!