El Ejército de los Estados Unidos comprará el sistema de defensa aérea del domo de hierro de Israel

Según nuevos informes, Estados Unidos está programado para comprar al menos dos baterías del sistema de defensa aérea Iron Dome de Israel que protegerá a los soldados en el campo:
 The U.S. Army will buy the Israeli-made Iron Dome air-defense system to protect soldiers from indirect-fire threats on the battlefield.
“The U.S. Army has announced its intent to procure a limited number of Iron Dome weapon systems to fill its short-term need for an interim Indirect Fire Protection Capability,” Col. Patrick Seiber, spokesman for Army Futures Command, said Wednesday in a press release.
Air and missile defense is one of the Army’s top modernization priorities in an effort to replace its Big Five weapons platforms — which include the Patriot air defense system — by 2028.
“The Iron Dome will be assessed and experimented as a system that is currently available to protect deployed U.S. military service members against a wide variety of indirect-fire threats and aerial threats,” Seiber said in the statement.
Se informa que costará $ 1.6 mil millones para los próximos 5 años:
The Army statement did not provide details about how much it will pay for the Iron Dome systems.
Seiber told Military.com that the Army is proposing spending $1.6 billion through 2024 to field an enduring capability that may “componentize” portions of the Iron Dome system.
Inside Defense reported in early January that the Army will buy two Iron Dome batteries to provide ground forces an interim capability by 2020.
Seiber confirmed the two-battery buy for an “interim cruise missile defense capability as mandated in the FY19 DoD Appropriations Act.”
“Protection of our soldiers is paramount; they deserve the tools needed to fight, win and return home safely,” Seiber told Military.com. “Iron Dome is a combat-proven system that could be used to help protect our forces from a variety of indirect-fire and aerial threats.”

Parece que esto solo es interino, ya que el Ejército actualiza nuestras capacidades en esta área de defensa aérea en la próxima década.
Me gusta ver este tipo de asociación entre EE. UU. E Israel, ya que están a la vanguardia de este tipo de tecnología. Realmente tienen que estar considerando las amenazas que enfrentan.