Jill Hamlin Our Kids Were Targeted

Covington Catholic school chaperone comes forward to explain what happened last Friday:


Today, the Catholic school, at the center of that Viral confrontational Capitol Hill forced to close students now facing, is racist over video of a clash with a Native American protester at the March for Life that was released, showing what really happened with left-wing activists who approached the Team’S first fly from Cincinnati good morning that you were Boys. The boys there were targeted was it because I think that was one of the reasons they were targeted and I think they were also targeted for what they stood for Witch is, Which is Christianity, the right for life. They were singled out and I believed partially because of the color of their skin they were targeted, is Nick Sandman. We were all just gathered on the steps you know. We had obviously heard the horror efek insults that were thrown at our children by the, because Nick Sandman had the courage to look this man in the face and he tried to diffuse the situation by not reacting and by standing there respectfully prep that the Covington Catholic High School school goes to and we meet every year at the Lincoln Memorial at the end of the day to catch our buses. We were not there for any other purpose other than to attend the p March for Life, which we did for the Black Hebrew Israelites and what were they saying while we were standing there and we lucked and all the sudden, they turn their attention to our group And they were screaming horrible horrible things that I will not repeat to our children to children, not adults. They were screaming I’m at children. This continued and the boys asked if they could do one of their school chairs because they wanted to drowned out the hatred. That was being said to them, and one of our teacher said it was okay for them to do their cheer. We wanted to drowned out the hate that hate heard message that was being thrown at our children after yelling at this Native American Nathan, Phillips who’s banging the drum. That’S not true, they were simply doing school cheers. You know how you felt about the initial hours after that went viral the school and the Diocese of Covington, put out a statement that said your boys action. They said this behavior is opposed to the church’s teachings on the dignity and respect of the human person. The matter is being in and I don’t know why they jumped to make a statement and as a parent and as a Catholic person that is supported our diocese. I am very, very disheartened and saddened that they to judgement by not supporting one of their own schools and their own people in the diocese, and I do not believe the school made that statement the administration. I believe it was made by the diocese March and you’re growing Christian children and you’re working really hard paper, private education for taxes, and then people come up to you and then the diocese releases. This statement is there: how do you? How do you get on Ford? How is it in how’s Nick doing? How are all the other parents doing the school had to be canceled today, because all the parents there are so terribly until one of their children. I mean, I understand the mom. I wouldn’t send my kid to school today, either. How are you dealing with all of this? Well, it’s it’s scary. My son works. He been nervous to have him eat, go to his job because I don’t know who’s out there and what they’re doing and my husband was going to follow my son to school this morning, because we just don’t know what the volatility of the situation is. With these folbot react, and they don’t know the full story, and it’s very scary and yeah – it’s just go ahead, read some stories that perhaps the students are and their families are considering legal action, giving all the wrong information online. Is that true, bad or no one has told me anything specifically, I’ve heard rumors of that, but I do not have any first-hand information about that story and it it’s still real big. So we’ll talk to you again I’ll learn a lesson from this. Thank you. So much chill 
A mother who chaperoned Covington Catholic students during their trip to Washington says the now-viral confrontation with Native American activists was a result of Black Hebrew Israelites throwing ‘horrific insults’ at the teens. Jill Hamlin speaks out on ‘Fox & Friends.’ #FoxandFriends #FoxNews
 Hamlin validates everything we’ve seen on video now, explaining that the Native American activists confronting the students was the result of the Black Hebrew Israelites throwing ‘horrific insults’ at the students.

She was asked why she thought they were targeted in the first place by this Black Hebrew Israelite group, and she said it was because they were white and wearing MAGA hats. She also said it was because they were there for the March of Life, standing up for Christianity.
One thing I thought was interesting is that she suggested that the Catholic school wasn’t behind its own statement condemning the kids, but rather the Diocese, which has come under fire for their heavy handed statement condemning the kids.
As far as legal action goes, Hamlin didn’t have much on that. She said she’s heard rumors but didn’t have any first hand knowledge.
Hamlin explains more than I did here, so be sure and watch the video for more…