Vice President Mike Pence: 'China's trying to export censorship'

Barkley harshly criticized Vice President Mike Pence -- saying Pence "needs to shut the hell up" -- after the vice president earlier in the day slammed the NBA for cowardice and hypocrisy regarding the Hong Kong-China controversy.
During a speech in Washington, Pence said he was disappointed that NBA players and executives didn’t speak out on behalf of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy demonstrators, and seemed more interested in protecting their money-making opportunities in communist China.
Barkley tells Pence to “shut the hell up”, but he doesn’t appear to really understand what’s going on here. Pence, and other politicians like Ted Cruz, aren’t asking the NBA to stop doing business with China. They are saying that the NBA should stand up for American values and not silence free speech just because it makes their communist buddies upset. And if that means they can’t do business with China anymore, then so be it. But American values are more important than money.
Barkley also says the same thing as Lebron, arguing that Morey “can say whatever he wants to. But there are consequences.” In other words, Morey should have never tweeted his support for Hong Kong because it would upset the Chinese. Ridiculous.
Commissioner Adam Silver was on the panel when Barkley said this nonsense. He didn’t respond directly to Pence’s comments, but you can watch the entire clip of Silver and Barkley discussing this: