President Trump's winners by getting Mexico to intensify fight against illegal immigration

This win by our president shows he understands that politely asking other countries to change their behavior when it harms us isn’t always enough. Sometimes, our government needs to put pressure on other nations – and as President Trump showed once again, pressure works.
Facing the largest border security crisis in the history of the United States, and knowing the Mexican economy is completely reliant on U.S. trade, Trump pulled out all the stops. He threatened Mexico with economically crippling tariffs if our southern neighbor didn’t step up and agree to become a true partner in border security.
Critics on the right and left blasted Trump, saying he was behaving recklessly and irresponsibly to threaten to impose 5 percent tariffs on everything Mexico imports into the U.S. if that nation didn’t move to fight illegal immigration. Trump even threatened to escalate those tariffs by 5 percent a month if Mexico failed to act, so that the tariffs would hit 25 percent in October.
The administration of el Presidente Trumpo refused requests from U.S. embassies to fly LGBTQWatever flags up on their poles in celebration of LGBTQanonophile month. Boo hoo.
Of course, Obama allowed it all the time under his administration.
Watch MSNBC freaking out about it below:
GOOD LORD they actually checked in with “humanity organizations” to see if there were any war crimes committed LOL!
BUT, they point out that you can still wave an LGBTQwutwut flag anywhere inside, just not on the big pole outside:
The Trump administration is rejecting requests from U.S. embassies to fly the rainbow pride flag on embassy flagpoles during June, LGBTQ Pride Month, three American diplomats told NBC News.
The U.S. embassies in Israel, Germany, Brazil and Latvia are among those that have requested permission from Trump’s State Department to fly the pride flag on their flagpoles and have been denied, diplomats said.
Although the pride flag can and is being flown elsewhere on embassy grounds, including inside embassies and on exterior walls, the decision not to allow it on the official flagpole stands in contrast to President Donald Trump’s claim to be a leader in supporting LGBTQ rights overseas. Trump’s administration has announced a campaign to decriminalize homosexuality overseas and this month issued a tweet and formal statement to “celebrate LGBT Pride Month and recognize the outstanding contributions LGBT people have made.”
Trump is winning all over the place today!!!


  1. I still think obama was damnable for projecting “pride” (UGH!!!) colors on the White House.

    What an absolute disgrace. WORST. PRESIDENT. EVER!

  2. "This win by our president shows he understands that politely asking other countries to change their behavior when it harms us isn’t always enough."

    Yet, liberals complain and criticize... because they want that chaos on our southern border. Why? Two reasons:
    1. It makes Trump look bad. That is, except when he turns the tables and uses executive power.
    2. Democrats want that welfare demand/dependence in our cities, because that dependence increases their power.

    That is, if Mexico does what it says it will do. If not, re-instate that 5% tariff without any future warning. The tariff can always go back down... or up higher.

    It has gotten to the point where there's no cooperating with the democrat party anymore. America just has to see how bad they really are and make a choice.

    Do we want to be the worst of our urban blight-scapes, with uncontrolled drugs and crime? Vote democrat.

    Or, do we want to be the best America ever was, with a good economy, jobs, and a less frequent need of our criminal justice system? Vote Trump


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