Judge rules FBI must release some redacted sections of Comey memos

Friday's ruling allows for the release of the names of countries and world leaders referenced in conversation between the President and Comey, as described in Comey's memo. In the conversation, the President is explaining to Comey why he has concerns about his national security adviser Michael Flynn and describing his dismay about how Flynn had handled scheduling of calls from world leaders.
    The judge ruled that the FBI did not provide sufficient argument as to why revealing this detail would be harmful to national security. But he did uphold one redaction in which the President spoke disparagingly about a country.
    "Given the statement and context, the Court has no trouble following the link offered by the FBI between disclosure and harm to national security," Judge James Boasberg wrote.
    LOOK OUT DEEP STATE because a federal judge just ruled that your minion James Comey is going to be OUTED for his evil nefariousness as soon as they release the memos he took of his conversations with Trump!!!
    This was just reported minutes ago:
    I don’t know what we’re going to find, but it will definitely be better to read it ourselves than have to defend on lyin’ Democrats to leak to the press their version of events….
    YOU BETTER GET FITTED FOR A PRISON UNIFORM, JAMES COMEY!!!! Just kidding, probably nothing will come of it, just like everything else since 2016.
    Here are the docs that were posted: