Breaking News:Trump baby blimp flies in London as protests greet president

The Trump “baby blimp” soars over London as thousands hit the streets to protest Trump’s visit to the United Kingdom. Trump insists the protests are “fake news”. The Hill’s Niall Stanage jokes there “Ain’t no love in the heart of the city…Ain’t no love in the heart of the town.”

A woman just stabbed the Trump baby blimp in London and deflated it completely.
Here’s video of the woman filming herself stabbing the blimp. She was then arrested by police:
Apparently the woman is considered a ‘far right troll’ over there by some:

Infamous far-right troll Amy Dalla Mura, who goes by "Based Amy," stabbed the Trump baby today but also appears to have nicked herself on her own knife. She was arrested immediately afterwards.

Here’s a few photos of the deflated balloon:

I’m wondering why someone didn’t do this before now? LOL!
In any event, it appears that the woman didn’t do a good enough job and the balloon has been repaired:

Better luck next time…