CNN outlets completely ignored bombshell Cuomo story last night


You’re going to want to sit down before reading this super shocking news:

Cuomo's show and CNN's primetime hours did not mention the new developments on Thursday night.

CNN’s cozy treatment of the governor helped make him a darling of the left during the early stages of the pandemic. CNN set the tone, as hosts who aren’t even related to Gov. Cuomo regularly lavished praise upon his leadership. CNN’s Brian Stelter once declared, "He’s proving hope, but not false hope," and said he would teach his children to follow in the governor’s footsteps.


Cuomo has made regular appearances on his kid brother’s CNN program, "Cuomo Prime Time." The siblings began their widely panned series of interviews that typically avoided significant issues bubbling up throughout the Empire State in favor of criticism of then-President Trump and the federal response.

The CNN host often joked around with his big brother about things such as who is their mother’s favorite child. Days after Cuomo signed an executive order on May 11 stopping hospitals from sending infected patients back to nursing homes, he appeared on his brother’s show for a 25-minute sit-down that made no mention of the tragic nursing home death toll.

During one interview that has been widely mocked in media circles, the Cuomo siblings essentially treated CNN viewers to a prop comedy routine at the height of the nursing home crisis as Americans wanted answers.

The unforgettable images of CNN’s Cuomo teasing his brother about the size of his nose by holding up a comically oversized Q-Tip has resurfaced across social media just about any time the siblings make news and become a symbol to some of CNN’s failure to hold the governor accountable.

"Under Jeff Zucker, it's all been about narratives with heroes and villains. And in CNN's world, their primetime host's brother has been a hero and those that challenge him have been villains," Houck continued. "If CNN wanted to hold Cuomo accountable, they should look themselves in the mirror and do so publicly on multiple shows -- if not all of them -- and admit that they were wrong. But they won't."

CNN’s Chris Cuomo was criticized for a series of lighthearted interviews with his older brother.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo was criticized for a series of lighthearted interviews with his older brother.

Cornell Law School professor and media critic William A. Jacobson told Fox News that the hyperpartisan CNN failed its viewers by allowing the Cuomo siblings to yuck it up instead of addressing serious issues.

"CNN never should have permitted Chris Cuomo to interview his brother Andrew as part of a news program. The conflict is obvious," Jacobson said.  Perhaps if Chris had no conflict, he would have pressed Andrew on how Andrew's policies contributed to nursing home deaths, rather than laughing it up and displaying a giant test swab."

CNN’s Cuomo finally mentioned the nursing home controversy to his brother after ignoring it during at least 10 on-air interviews since the scandal began, but the governor quickly pointed to how there were nursing home deaths "all across the country" and said "we have to figure out how to do it better the next time" before the next virus wave occurs.

At the end of the interview, the CNN anchor showered the governor with praise as New York's leader and even admitted to his viewers, "Of course, I'm not objective," while expressing his love for his brother.

The latest revelation prompted condemnations and even talk of impeachment in Albany, the state's capital. Rep. Lee Zeldin, R-N.Y., wants the Department of Justice to open an obstruction of justice investigation.

I’m so stunned by this news revelation that I had to pinch myself to make sure I’m awake.

Can you believe that the same media who incessantly covered every little Trump story like a huge scandal for the past four years would ignore a bombshell story about the Gov of New York intentionally hiding the number of nursing home deaths during the pandemic, deaths that his own policies caused? Can you believe that????

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