President Donald Trump's coronavirus travel restrictions: What you need to know

Trump called for calm on Saturday and tried to reassure the nation that the threat was under control.
"There's no reason to panic at all. This is something that is being handled professionally," he said.
There are 22 patients in the United States who have coronavirus, Trump said. One medically high-risk patient passed away overnight, but the remaining patients are at varying levels of recovery and were all allowed to return home.
"Unfortunately, one person passed away overnight," the president said. “She was a wonderful woman, a medically high-risk patient in her late 50s. Four others are very ill. Thankfully 15 are either recovered fully or they're well on their way to recovery. And in all cases, they've been let go in their home."
The virus is thought to have contributed to the volatility experienced by the stock market this week after the Dow plunged more than 3,500 points -- the worst decline since the 2008 global financial crisis.
The president told Americans to brace for more coronavirus cases but claimed healthy individuals are likely to recover. Elderly patients and those with certain underlying medical conditions are at a higher risk and must exercise vigilance and caution.
"Our country is prepared for any circumstance," he had said following a coronavirus task force meeting in the White House situation room.
This comes as the first death from coronavirus is recorded in the US:

So. I do think it’s not really panic time, and Trump is right, the media is exaggerating this in order to hurt his presidency. BUT, on the other hand, it IS a medical emergency. And it can become a very serious one if we don’t take it seriously. Now is not the time to regurgitate ridiculous conspiracy theories in order to do as little as possible about a viral threat.
Here’s Trump’s press conference on coronavirus:
In conclusion, don’t panic, but take it seriously. Wash your hands, people. Don’t touch your faces. And if you are licking doorknobs in Wuhan, China, you should stop immediately. Or soonish.
Trump had blamed his Democratic detractors this past week on Twitter for "politicizing" the coronavirus outbreak to spread panic and took shots at the media for its constant coverage of the issue.