CNN to Gretchen Whitmer: "You've been asked a lot...about a 2024 run...What is the argument for you not running for President?


On the heels of her midterm victory, CNN was already pushing for Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer to run for president in 2024.

The Democrat, who won re-election by a double-digit margin in the blue state, stopped by CNN Thursday morning to talk about her priorities in her next term. Michigan was one of four states where Democrats gained control of both legislative chambers and the governorship. Whitmer expressed hope for more gun control and pro-choice legislation coming through Congress. 

Afterwards, CNN host Kaitlan Collins urged the Democrat to run in 2024.

"On another note, you’ve been asked a lot in almost basically every interview you’ve done recently about a 2024 run and running for president. You said you’re not interested in it," the journalist began.

"I guess my question is if you’re a supporter of yours, and you’re someone who doesn’t live in Michigan, but is national and wants to see you run, what is the argument for you not running for president?" Collins pressed.

Earlier this week, Whitmer dismissed 2024 plans, telling a local news outlet that she planned to serve as governor the next four years.

Whitmer again shied away from Collins' suggestion she should run for president but seemed to leave open the possibility with her word choice.

"You know, I literally, eight days ago got elected to a second four-year term. This is the state that I’ve always called home. I love the state of Michigan. I’m so grateful to be the governor of the state of Michigan. I’ve got a big task ahead of me and that’s where I’m going to put 100 percent of my focus for now," she began.

"I do think that it’s flattering that people continue to ask but I got a big job that I was just hired to do for four more years and that’s where I’m going to stay focused," the Democrat responded.

"We heard ‘for now’ in that answer," anchor Poppy Harlow teased.

As they chuckled, the Whitmer admitted, "I know, everyone is going to parse that, I'm staying right where I'm at."


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