US diplomats at Kabul embassy WARNED the State Dept of a ‘possible catastrophe’ with Biden pullout plan


It turns out that our diplomats at the US Embassy in Kabul actually warned Biden’s State Department more than a month ago of a “possible catastrophe” with Biden’s pull-out strategy in Afghanistan and urged them to do more at the time to get people out of the country:

This warning wasn’t just any old communique, CNN reports that it was a dissent memo” written by diplomats who were at the embassy to Secretary of State Tony Blinken.

CNN notes that the reason this is significant is because “a dissent memo is only written by diplomats if they feel that their voices are not being heard.”

But it’s also important, CNN adds, because Biden is now refusing to admit that anything went wrong in his pullout and it’s very clear, via this dissent memo, that there were State Department officials warning that things could get very bad and pleading with the department to do more to avoid a worst-case scenario where they are not in control and chaos rules the day. Which is what we have now.

Remember, this was sent a whole month before all of this happened because these diplomats were there on the ground and could see the gains the Taliban were making in the country after Biden announced his withdrawal plans.

The question is why would Biden’s people ignore this? You would think that the people closest to the ground would have the best information, but clearly they were ignored from the get go and even their dissent memo fell on deaf ears. What a disaster.

And as we’ve seen all day, it’s one of Biden’s flagship propaganda outlets reporting all of this. Amazing.