Ocasio-Cortez told : “I’m a Democrat, I’m proud to be on this team. I’m proud to be part of the Democratic majority,”

Ocasio-Cortez said there's a “distinct possibility” she'll be backing more primary challengers, though she said of the two groups: “I don’t anticipate our endorsements will overlap 100 percent."
Because the majority of congressional districts are drawn to be solidly Democratic or solidly Republican, the one chance for competition comes in a primary race, she said.
"Seventy percent of Americans live in a safe blue seat, or a safe red seat, which means the only choice that they have realistically is in their primary election," she said. "The idea that we should take democracy away from people is one that I fundamentally disagree with.”
By pressing for more primaries nationwide, Ocasio-Cortez said she understands that she’ll be at risk for Democratic challengers, too.
"I'm comfortable with that," she said. “I want to earn my seat every two years. I want to earn the right to have this job.”
You might compare AOC to Jim DeMint, in that he was trying to get more conservatives in the Senate just as AOC is trying to get more vocal socialists into the House. DeMint rankled Senate GOP leadership just as AOC is doing in the House by not giving to the DCCC. And, at least as far as tactics go, she’s willing to fight her party to get rid of the moderates just like DeMint did in the Senate, which brought us Ted Cruz.
The huge difference, however, is that DeMint was trying to preserve the constitutional republic that the founders created that is responsible for the very liberty we enjoy. AOC is actively trying to destroy this republic, trying to turn is into a socialist nightmare that will likely go the way of Venezuela or worse if she succeeds.